Youth Ministry

Our ministry to middle and high school students aims to guide the young people in our church toward faith in Jesus and then maturity in that faith, all through the power of the Gospel. We can summarize our approach in three words: head, heart, and hands.


Everyone starts from somewhere. Our students are growing up very quickly, and a solid foundation in the Bible is needed to help them navigate the difficult waters of adolescence. For this reason, we emphasize the importance of understanding the basics of Christianity.


The chaos that our society throws at us can be especially confusing for students to navigate. A faith, deeply rooted in the Gospel as it applies to all of life allows them to rest in the presence and person of the object of their faith– Jesus– rather than relying on themselves or an inconsistent society in the face of the chaos.  


In obedience to Scripture and out of love for neighbor, students must learn that the work of Christ doesn’t only happen inward. Opportunities to be the hands and feet of the Gospel abound, and active involvement in the Kingdom renews our faith in Christ.


Creating a strong and safe community among young students is a priority within the ministry and, more broadly, Covenant. The importance of navigating life with fellow Christians, in a way that encourages growth and pursuit of the Gospel, cannot be minimized.


What good is being young if you can’t have some fun? This ministry is built for and by the young students of Covenant. We love to have movie nights, bowling, pool parties, summer camps, and all sorts of shenanigans, simply with the goal of seeing students enjoy themselves and one another.


If you want to know more about youth ministry at Covenant, please contact Cord Carlin.

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