Are you experiencing domestic violence?

If in immediate danger, call 911. For counsel and resources contact: Safehouse of Seminole Harbor House of Central Florida

Kids House of Seminole

Are you worried about your pregnancy?

If you don’t yet have a physician and need someone safe with whom to speak: Oviedo Pregnancy Center

Are you considering placing your unborn child for adoption?

Bethany Christian Services Life for Kids

Are you depressed or worried?

If you think you might hurt yourself, call 1-800-273-8255 If you would like to explore counseling: Oviedo Counseling Clinic

Our governing documents

The PCA Book of Church Order

Note: our sister denomination, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, has done a great job with our confessional documents.

Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms 

Disclaimer: “The references and links on this page are meant to be as helpful as possible. However, the mention of a book, for example, means that we see value in it. It does not necessarily mean that CPC endorses everything in that book or everything written by that author. The same holds true for web resources and local agencies.”

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