Flip & Connie Amon, CRU

Flip and Connie Amon serve Cru in their international headquarters in Orlando, FL. Flip works with the Jesus Film project in the global partnerships department of Cru. He provides Jesus Film equipment and resources to denominations and organizations that work globally in church planting and ministry to unreached people groups. Connie, who is also a part of the Jesus Film project, is part of a vibrant ministry called Ask Mom, a small group of mothers who minister on the UCF campus, offering students cookies and advice.

Flip and Connie have two grown children, one granddaughter, and are active members at Covenant. To learn more about their work, visit their website.

Carol Arnold, Equipping Pastors International

Carol Arnold ministers with Equipping Pastors International, teaching conferences on marriage to pastors and pastors’ wives of many different denominations, serving primarily in east African countries.

Carol is an active member at Covenant. If you would like to learn more about her work, visit her website.

Tammy C., Global Service Network

Tammy is located in Thailand, and works with two teams: a team that provides cross-cultural training to indigenous missionaries from Asia, and a team that cares for the needs of missionaries through counseling. These indigenous and international missionaries work in Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Her work allows her to combine her heart for the advancement of the gospel through cross-cultural missions while also serving the care needs of missionaries through training, shepherding, coaching, and counseling.

For Tammy’s safety and security, we cannot share any further information. To learn more about Tammy and to receive more information about her ministry, visit her website.

David & Holly Clow, CRU

David and Holly Clow serve Cru in their international headquarters in Orlando, FL. David serves in the IT department, currently managing translations so that Cru’s ministry tools can be used by staff and volunteers all around the world. Holly serves in the US campus ministry, assisting the human resources executive team as they train and place staff members in strategic locations to help students mobilize disciples.

David and Holly have two grown daughters and are active members at Covenant, where David is also a deacon.

Victor Cruz, La Iglesia Nacional Presbiteriana de México

Victor Cruz is a church planter with La Iglesia Nacional Presbiteriana de México (the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico), serving in Mexico City, with a vision of establishing a church planting movement in the city. Home to nearly 22 million people, one church cannot reach everyone. With two already-established churches in the city, in 2018 a new ministry apprentice will join the ministry with the purpose of planting the next denominational church, and Victor’s ministry will begin supporting a church planting project from another denomination. Victor is a boardmember for City to City Latin America, a ministry Redeember Presbyterian Church in New York, furthering a vision for church planting in the largest cities of the continent by providing training for organizations and individuals whom may be interested in church planting.

Victor is married to Teresa, and they have two children. To learn more about Victor’s work in Mexico City, view his website.

Mike Dumas, Good News Jail & Prison Ministry

Coming soon!

Jim Fitzgerald, Equipping Pastors International

Jim Fitzgerald ministers with Equipping Pastors International, participating in the training of indigenous pastors in the Middle East and North Africa.

Jim and his wife, Carole, live in Orlando. If you would like to learn more about Jim’s work, visit his website.

Franky & Alaina Garcia, Mission to North America

Franky Garcia serves as a church planting resident at Resurrection Church (PCA) in Ottawa, Ontario. Together with his wife, Alaina, he is exploring future options for church planting in Canada.

Franky is a former member of CPC. He met Alaina at RTS Jackson and they were married in 2018. Learn more about them and their efforts in Canada. To contact the Garcias directly, email them at frankyandalaina@gmail.com.

Daniel Kithongo, Africa Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Daniel Kithongo serves with the Africa Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Kenya. There, Daniel is a church planter, a professor and chairman at Covenant College, and a chairman with the International Conference of Reformed Churches, Africa Region.

Daniel and his wife, Lenah, have four children and make their home in Nairobi. To learn more or to reach out to Daniel, you can email him at dankithongo@gmail.com.

Imbumi Makuku, Kenya Mercy Ministries

Imbumi Makuku is the pastor of Kibera Reformed Presbyterian Church, serving the urban poor in one of the largest slums in Kenya, Kibera. The church runs a school for children in grades 1 to 6, a feeding program, a girls’ shelter, and outreach programs to minister to the most vulnerable and to the gangs in the area. They are committed to Gospel-centered social good.

Imbumi is married to Martha, and they have two sons. To learn more about their ministry, visit their website.

Ross & Aislinn Meyer, Serge

Ross and Aislinn Meyer live in London and seek to establish a culturally understandable church among the multiethnic community in the borough of Tower Hamlets. In addition to leading a Serge ministry team, Ross serves as church planter, and Aislinn assists in outreach and discipleship. Their efforts include hospitality, outreach, worship, preaching, discipleship, teaching, leadership development, and service. They hope to gather a group of believers that is marked by sincere worship, authentic community, steadfast outreach, and sacrificial service. As the Meyers begin ministry in this religiously diverse area, they are praying that God will use believers from Tower Hamlets to build His Kingdom in the borough and eventually the world.

Ross and Aislinn have three children, and were previously members and staff members at Covenant before beginning itineration for this ministry. To learn more about their work at Tower Hamlets, visit their website. You can also reach out to them directly via email: Ross, rmeyer@serge.org and Aislinn, ameyer@serge.org.

Hardy Reynolds, Reformed University Fellowship at UCF

Hardy Reynolds serves as the campus minister for Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) to UCF, working to reach students with the hope of the Gospel during a season in their lives where they are asking deep questions and experiencing significant personal growth. RUF seeks to reach students in this pivotal season for Christ and equip them to serve. The success of this mission is not so much measured in the present but seeing students become life-long lovers of Jesus who are committed members in his church and equipped for a lifetime of service to his kingdom.

Hardy and his wife, Bri, began their service to the students of UCF in 2020. If you would like to hear more about their ministry you can reach Hardy at hardy.reynolds@ruf.org or visit their website, ruf.org/ucf.

Stephanie & Joel Swanson, Mission to the World

Stephanie and Joel Swanson serve with Mission to the World on a church planting team in the west quadrant of Toulouse, France, an area where there are currently no evangelical churches. Their efforts toward aspects of worship, evangelism, discipleship, and hospitality play a part in a larger effort to see the people of France embrace the Gospel and embrace the mission of the Church.

Stephanie and Joel have one son. To learn more about their ministry, view their website.

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